Great Article on Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott photo sam-elliott-and-mask-gallery_zps74ykf0au.jpg

Most people have pictured Sam Elliott as one of the characters in a book they’re reading. His voice is part of our lives telling us, “beef, it’s what’s for dinner”, and making us want to buy Ram trucks.

But he’s also a happily married (40 years!) man with a long career. He seems like one of the most stable people in the entertainment industry. There aren’t many of those, so the few that exist should be widely celebrated.

Here’s the article. It’s not long and there aren’t as many pictures as female fans would like (I know!). But it’s definitely worth the read.


Scam Alert!

One of those douchebags who cribs a successful author’s name to sell their lousy books is doing it to Patricia Briggs. Here is the list of all her actual titles:

If you’re looking for something by her and searching her name, cross reference so you don’t feed the scammer.