Casting: Ilona Andrews’ “Kate Daniels” Part 3

After this post I’m going to pause on the Kate Daniels casting for a bit. It’s just a fun time waster anyway.

My next casting attempt is Mahon. Now, I always pictured Michael Clarke Duncan as Mahon and that’s whose voice I hear when I read. But in looking for a good picture of him for this part I couldn’t quite find it. So I decided to go with something closer to Mahon’s description in the books. That’s always stumped me.

And then I remembered Jeff Bridges. He’s not as huge as Mahon is described, but he does make it to 6’1″ and that’s taller than a lot of Hollywooders. And he’s just a fantastic actor. Now that I’m thinking about it even more, I can easily see him playing this part.

So: Mahon

He looks like he’s about to say something that’s going to piss off Curran or George. It’s perfect!

Mahon is married to Martha. She’s described a little bit in the books, but I hadn’t really put much thought into her character until the last book where she and Kate have a very nice scene. She’s African American, which is great because — since I always pictured Michael Clarke Duncan, I then pictured George as being African American. So it all works out even though I’m no longer picturing the late, great MCD.

I looked and looked for an actress that would work. Martha is strong. Physically, as well as emotionally. She’s married to a cranky old Kodiak and she’s a shifter herself. She hasn’t been in the books very much, but she’s made an impression every time she’s shown up. I finally settled on Angela Bassett. She doesn’t look it, but she’s 58 years old, which puts her at a very good age to be George’s mother and Curran’s “adopted” mom. And Angela Bassett has always kicked ass.

So: Martha


That wraps up the casting frenzy for now. I’m sure I’ll come back to it. For instance, I’m not sold on Rafael. And there are many other characters in the books I’ve yet to even think about casting-wise. It’s a fun exercise in any case.

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Casting: Ilona Andrews’ “Kate Daniels” continued

Just a quick one to add Rafael. What’s he like? He’s a loose cannon, but very effective in a fight. He’s passionate in all pursuits and he oozes sexuality. He falls instantly in love with Andrea (often a problem for me, but it fits Rafael’s impulsive style completely). He’s really hard to cast. Here’s a quick shot at it though:

And on that note, sweet dreams!  photo d29c1cc4-c064-4c77-a13d-c4eb4bb55603_zpsxyqt7mxa.jpg

Casting: Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

I’m not going to review this series right now. I’ll get to it, but it’s another one that I feel I have to put more heart into in order to do it justice. It’s amazing, and I can’t just blurp out a review because I want to fill some blog space.

BUT — I can blurp out some casting ideas. So here’s me. Blurping.

First and foremost — Kate. What’s she like? Well, she’s striking, athletic, intense. She’s got long, dark hair. She kicks ass; it’s her raison d’être.

I’ve had such a hard time coming up with someone for Kate, but then I saw the execrable Batman vs Superman and Gal Gadot stole the movie as Wonder Woman. I looked at her and immediately thought she’d be wonderful as Kate Daniels. Of course, already being Wonder Woman, she probably wouldn’t accept another kick ass female part, but she’s my Head Kate from now on.

Only Kate would  never wear those earrings. It’s bad enough she’s got long hair that can be pulled out of her head in a fight, she doesn’t need her earlobes shredded as well.

Now on to Curran. What’s he like? Well, he’s powerful, only about 5’10” or 5’11”, but he seems bigger because of his intensity. He’s got short, blond hair. Kate often refers to him as a psychopath.

I used to picture young Dolph Lundgren for Curran, but Lundgren is way too tall. Now I picture Charlie Hunnam.

He’s got a stick! He’s gonna hit somebody!

Now I feel I really need to cast Andrea. She’s a little bit of a tough find because Andrea is a small, blond woman who’s kind of cute/pretty but is extremely deadly. But I’ll give it a shot.

And so I chose Dakota Fanning. I kept seeing her name pop up as I searched, but I dismissed her until I saw this picture. This is a good look for Andrea, I think.

Beautiful, but older than her years in that picture. That’s Andrea. Heck, that’s pretty much all the characters in this series.

I’ll have to come back and do some more casting tomorrow. There are a lot of characters and I’m too tired to manage it right now.

I love the photos of Kate and Curran above. She looks like she’s about to skewer him with a wisecrack for his tough-guy-with-a-stick routine. Ha!

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Brandon Sanderson on writing

Keeping with the theme of writing and learning to write, here’s a link to the first video from a class taught by Brandon Sanderson.

Who is Brandon Sanderson? I figure most know, but he’s one of the top fantasy writers in the genre. He was selected to finish the beloved Wheel of Time series and his “Mistborn” world is one of the top favorites of fantasy fans.

He teaches a class on writing and the videos of the class sessions are shared on YouTube. On purpose! That’s pretty amazing. So this is a nuts and bolts education on writing from a world class author.

Here’s the first episode:

Brandon Sanderson – 318R – #1 (Course Overview)


Larry Correia on Writing

Larry Correia is hands down my favorite author right now. I have several that are way up there, but he nudges to the top.

I haven’t reviewed any of his books/series here because it’s just too much right now. I’m such a big fan I want to start fresh and make sure I do it justice.

His series are: Monster Hunter International, Grimnoir Chronicles, Dead Six, Malcontents, Forgotten Warrior. He’s also done a bunch of short fiction that isn’t necessarily part of any of the aforementioned series.

He has a blog where he posts a variety of things including political rants and fiskings, updates on works in progress, and writing advice. His writing advice is excellent and he’s great at laying it out there bluntly and without a bunch of self-aggrandizing falderal.

And since I’m talking about Larry Correia, I may as well cast a character from one of his books. Hmmm. Who should it be? I know! Agent Franks. Everyone’s favorite psycho.

Eek! Scary guy. Which is fitting. That’s Nathan Jones who is a WWE wrestler, but who also does some acting. I like to imagine he’s about to respond to Owen Pitt mouthing off to him in this pic. I figure that’s the expression he always wears when he engages with Pitt.

If you like reading action, fantasy and fun, read Larry Correia. He’s a total blast.

On that note: good night. Sweet Dreams!  photo d29c1cc4-c064-4c77-a13d-c4eb4bb55603_zpsxyqt7mxa.jpg