Larry Correia on World Building

Larry Correia — reminder: I’m a true fangirl — has made a blog post about world building. I’ve seen posts by him that describe all that was involved with creating the world for Son of the Black Sword, but they were FB posts so not really anything I could link. Now there’s a nice, long, blog post.

His take on world building is interesting and instructive. I think authors often have an idea, but they don’t follow through to the absolute minutia of the world. The monetary system, the traditions, the laws, the dress and the where and why of it. And so much more. You can see the lack down the line in a series when things go haywire because they haven’t settled those systems.

So here’s the post. I think it will make a good reference tool later on.

Ask Correia 18: World Building


Brandon Sanderson on writing

Keeping with the theme of writing and learning to write, here’s a link to the first video from a class taught by Brandon Sanderson.

Who is Brandon Sanderson? I figure most know, but he’s one of the top fantasy writers in the genre. He was selected to finish the beloved Wheel of Time series and his “Mistborn” world is one of the top favorites of fantasy fans.

He teaches a class on writing and the videos of the class sessions are shared on YouTube. On purpose! That’s pretty amazing. So this is a nuts and bolts education on writing from a world class author.

Here’s the first episode:

Brandon Sanderson – 318R – #1 (Course Overview)


Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews

I bought this book when the Kate Daniels series went on sale earlier this week. It was not on sale but it’s only about $3.99, so I figured I’d grab it too. Glad I did.

Dina runs a bed and breakfast in a small Texas town. Something has been killing her neighbors’ dogs and she wants to know why the local werewolf isn’t doing something about it. After playing coy and calling her crazy, said werewolf – Sean Evans – gets involved where Dina can see him. Which is good because he’s hot when he’s not peeing on all the trees.

The villain turns out to be very nasty, Dina’s inn turns out to be very specialized, and the world is not at all what we think it is. The world building and mythology in this new series is unique and compelling and the characters are very enjoyable.

This story was presented as a freebie serial online and after it was completed the Andrews team took it down, cleaned it up, and self-published it. I deliberately waited for the published version although I know the serial was very popular. They’re working on the sequel now and I’ll wait for that one to be available in ebook form as well. But I’ll definitely buy it when it comes out because I need to know what happens next. It didn’t end on a cliffie, but there are still some things in the overall arc that aren’t tied up and may not be for a few books.

Rating: 30 photo bbf17e9d-3786-47c6-aaa8-2056ad082597_zpsp5dtihlf.jpg30 photo bbf17e9d-3786-47c6-aaa8-2056ad082597_zpsp5dtihlf.jpg30 photo bbf17e9d-3786-47c6-aaa8-2056ad082597_zpsp5dtihlf.jpg30 photo bbf17e9d-3786-47c6-aaa8-2056ad082597_zpsp5dtihlf.jpg30 photo bbf17e9d-3786-47c6-aaa8-2056ad082597_zpsp5dtihlf.jpg

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